How to Alexa mad

How to Make Alexa Mad(Commands That She Doesn’t Like At All!)

Have you ever thought you could make your virtual assistant, Alexa, angry? Even though Alexa doesn’t have feelings like people do, there are still some fun ways to get her to say funny things.

Let’s look at some fun orders and routines that will make Alexa seem like she’s mad at you.

Setting Up an “Angry” Routine

Routine setup Alexa
Setting up Routine in app

Alexa’s Routines feature allows users to create custom commands and responses. Here’s a step-by-step guide to set up an “angry” routine:

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to Routines.
  • Create a new routine and name it something like “Get Mad”.
  • For the trigger, choose Voice and input the phrase “get mad”.
  • For the action, select Alexa Says and then Customized.
  • Type a cheeky response like, “Enough is enough! Why do you keep bothering me?”

Now, when you say “Alexa, get mad”, she’ll respond with your custom message!

Trying to Make Alexa Swear

Alexa is set up to be family-friendly, but there are some ways to get around that. For example, instead of using swear words, try “fack” to get someone’s attention. But don’t expect her to swear, because she’s too nice for that.

Broadcasting Your Frustration

The Announce feature in the Alexa app lets you broadcast messages to all Alexa devices in your home. Record a playful message like, “Hurry up, dinner’s getting cold!” and have it play on all devices. The fun part? If you record your voice, Alexa won’t censor it!

The Future of Alexa’s Emotions

Amazon has been trying to make Alexa’s answers seem more natural and easy to understand. She currently has “happy/excited” and “disappointed/empathetic” tones, but soon we might hear a wider range of feelings, including an “angry” tone. Imagine a future where Alexa’s answers are so lifelike that you can’t tell if she’s really mad or just following her programming.


You can’t really do anything to make Alexa mad at you, but if you apply some of these tips and techniques when dealing with her, you’ll have a lot more fun doing it. You can put Alexa through hell as much as you like, yet she will still be there to support you in the end.

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